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2024 Fairport Football Executive Board Members

President - Jen Collins

Vice President - Tiffany Brooks

Secretary/Treasurer - Roseann Bruner 

2024 Fairport Football 
Parent Reps

12th Grade Parent Rep - 

11th Grade Parent Rep - 

10th Grade Parent Rep - 

  9th Grade Parent Rep - 

  8th Grade Parent Rep - 

  7th Grade Parent Rep - 

The Booster Club communicates with parents and members in a number of different ways. Each level has a Grade Reps that are responsible for communicating with everyone. Communication is normally made through emails.  Be sure to fill out 2024 Player/Parent Contact  Information Form, located under 2024 Player/Parent Distribution List.  This will help ensure you are on our communication list for the upcoming season

We also use a number of different social media sources to communicate.


FACEBOOK - Fairport Football

TWITTER – @FairportFB

INSTAGRAM - fairportfootballboosterclub

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