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Fairport Football Booster Club

Mission Statement

The Fairport Football Booster Club is a group of parents (current and former,) whose mission is to enrich the Fairport Football Family by providing financial support for the Fairport Football Program, this is done by funding area of need that are not fully covered by the school.  Our mission is to support the Fairport Football Program by involving the families of all football players in various activities, each with a common goal of providing support to enhance the overall experience in the Fairport Football Program for all players, coaches, and families. In addition to financial support, the Fairport Football Booster Club recognizes that participation in school athletics benefits everyone and promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved.  We strive to support athletics and academic excellence, create a winning school spirit, promote team unity, and maintain the history and tradition of excellence for all players within the Fairport Football Program.

Our Main Goals

  1.  We encourage and support teamwork, discipline, and respect for others within all activities that take place on and off of the football field.

  2. Donations are one of the many ways the Booster Club raises money, and is able to provide additional financial support for athletic training for all players, and coaches that benefit all of our football teams.

  3. We promote enthusiastic and positive behavior at all football events that take place on and off the field.  We uphold the highest standards for spirit and sportsmanship.

  4. We strive to obtain 100% Booster Club Membership thru of all Fairport Football Families, and invite all families of the Fairport Football Program, and community members to join our Booster Club. 


Booster Club Activities We Support


Off- Season Training, URMC Sport Trainers, Coaches Seminars and Support, Additional Equipment Purchases, 100 day til Kick Off Celebration, 7 on 7 Competitions, Organizes and Contributes to Carbo Load Dinners, Game Day Programs, Senior Day Activities, Scholarships, Teacher Appreciation, Contributes to the cost of Hudl services, Post Season Banquet & Year End parties.



Your participation in the Fairport Football Booster Club helps support this mission!

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